How To Use Straight Brush Hair

How to use straight brush hair? long and straight hair is a dream for all women,many women keep long hair, straight hair gives a person a kind of feeling that clean, strength, elegant feeling.How to make the curly hair became straight hair, you only need a pair of magic brush–Straight Brush Hair.

For the best results you should keep your brush clean by wiping it regularly with a damp cloth. Ideally, you want to do this after every time that you use it.

When using your brush, make sure that each section of hair goes deeply into the brush so that all your strands are evenly straightened ; brush slowly so that each section receives just enough heat to make the hair straight. Brushing slowly will also reduce the need for you to brush each section multiple times, and will also reduce the amount of time that your hair is exposed to heat. You will not be as vulnerable to heat damage as you would be otherwise.

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