Simply Straight Reviews On Here

On behalf of beautiful hair, the hair is the second face, different feelings from different hairstyle.Short hair makes you look more confident, long hair makes you look more charming. Curly hair makes you look very shine.Here is simply straight brush reviews.

I love it a lot since I do not like straightening chemicals for my natural hair.It is most useful after shampooing, although I have used it upon occasion at other times since I do not use a lot of hair oils.

I really wanted to like simply straight  but it leaves my hair frizzy, you have to go over a spot 3-4 times to get it strait.

I purchased mine from Amazon. This brush had 3 heat settings and worked a dream through my daughter’s unruly hair. Buy it!

All in all, there are good and bad, if you want to try, you can buy.Maybe it will bring you different surprise!

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