Straight Brush Hair Straightener For You

Curly hair, straight hair, long hair, short hair, each kind of hairstyle show different style.Beauty is unlimited.How to make curly hair straight hair? Don’t need to go to hair salon, you can buy a simply straight hair brush, only need to spend about $20.

Purchase straight brush hair from our website, we provide real products, also welcome you to become our distributor!The following are methods used.

Only use them on dry hair
Brush your hair first to get out all the tangles and knots
Section your hair out before using
Heat up to the right temperature (always start low and gradually get higher until you find the right setting)
Use a heat protecting spray
Use a glove if you have a very hot brush
Seek out cool-tip bristles
Go for a lightweight version if you have lots of hair because straightening will take longer – you don’t want wrist ache!

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