Where To Wholesale Cheap Simply Straight Brush

Simply straight brush is so popular in women.All women love beauty, so you can choose to comb hair, keep your beauty and confidence.Hair can modify your face, beautiful hair to make women look very fashionable.You can save more time to take care of your hair.

Straight hair comb and splint, marcel is always straighten their hair for a high-temperature electronic products, mainly through a heating element temperature conduction to a metal or ceramic plate surface, the surface temperature is set at 200 degrees or so commonly, through the heat to 200 degrees or so plywood, the curly hair straight.

Straight iron according to the different heating element can be divided into ceramic heating element, PTC heating element and heat wire heater. Ceramic heating element has the advantage of environmental protection, heating speed, generally 30 seconds to 45 seconds to make plywood surface temperature of 200 degrees. But due to the ceramic heating element was sintered under the high temperature above 1000 degrees, the temperature after the loss of control circuit, quickly more than 300 degrees, will burn out fixed heating plate of plastic material, make the heating plate, is likely to come into contact with the user, and burn the skin.

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